In another month, we are about to welcome the long-awaited lazada99 big promotion, in order to let the merchants get better in the big promotion skills, we launch a live courses on the 9 games, helping new and old business to prepare for the big promotion , Take advantage of the sale! * If there is any change, please pay attention to the University of Lazada. View the return after all live broadcasts.
Live courses highlights
[Platform logistics] live notice
In order to enhance the consumer’s shopping experience, Lazada established its own logistics distribution system from the beginning of its establishment, strengthened the construction of Southeast Asian e-commerce infrastructure. But how is the overall rate of cross-border parcels? In order to enhance the success rate of the last kilometer, solve the painful problem of the skin, on August 10th, 16: 00 ~ 17: 00 to watch the line broadcast, take you to “upgrade the promotion of skills”, while August 20 At 16:00 to 17:00, you will also introduce you “the upper limit of the parcels and taxes and fee standards”. Don’t miss it!
[99 big promotion] live notice
In the store operation, an event can greatly improve the GMV, traffic, and powder volume of the store. 99 promotion registration has started on July 28, how to make the store “shiny” during the big promotion? How to make full use of a variety of marketing tools, solid explode? From the discovery item to the order purchase and then go to the receipt praise, what is the consumer’s head?
In response to the big-promoted store decoration & PDP decoration guide, the marketing tools Battle guide, the consumer operation skills live broadcast course takes you to grasp the 99 big rhythm, effectively utilize platform marketing tools, and achieve great promotion and sales accumulation.
★ August 12th 15: 00 ~ 16: 00 “Marketing Tools Battle Guide” teaches you to efficiently refine the target passenger group by setting up, coupons, multiple pieces, etc., adding the possibility of being discovered!
★ August 19th 15: 00 ~ 16: 00 “Consumer Operation Skills” helps you understand the different focus of consumers at different stages.
★ August 26th 15: 00 ~ 16: 00 “Shop Decoration & PDP Decoration Guide” teaches you to easily upgrade from the “Marcy” to “fine decoration”, let your store get the first sense of goodness of consumers.
The above courses are Xiaobian for everyone to organize the full-month training calendar. You can also view the training arrangement through the official website () of the Lazada University. If it is too busy or accidentally missed, you can also check the back in the following ways:
Method 1: Login New Lazada University, Home – Search Bar “Live”
Method 2: Login Malay Seller Backstage, Home – Midway LiveStreaming
Method 3: Android SELLERCENTERAPP (using staple scan download 2D code download), Home-Live-News
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