World Daily Thai retail e-commerce platform Lazada announced on the 13th this month, opened Southeast Asia’s largest commodity sorting center in the southwest of Bangkok, with a total area of ​​35,000 square meters, and sorting hourly sorting The amount of goods reached 300,000. Fast delivery for the company’s recent 12.12 promotion, fast delivery, providing background support, improve customer experience and satisfaction.
As a company under the China Alibaba Group, Lazada has the longest retail e-commerce business history in Thailand. The company announced this month, officially launched the largest commodity sorting center in Southeast Asia, the center of Bangkok, southwestern suburbs, Northaltinhawa Road. Lazada’s senior manager Tilo pointed out that the establishment in this product sorting is to undertake the high-speed development of the Thailand and the ASEAN, must rely on strong e-commerce background support, create a good customer experience. Because the customer performs online orders, the merchants on the Lazada platform must be delivered to the door as soon as possible, and the platform operator Lazada can provide strong background support for merchants, including sorting a large number of goods, and assigns takeaway distributors to send The goods are on the door.
Su Toilel said that the company not only plays Thailand, but also the future retail e-commerce development strength of ASEAN 5 countries, the center will serve as a strong background operation, so that commodity sorting is faster and more accurate. The company will extend e-commerce tentacles to Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia.
Lazada held two “big promotions” this year, namely 11.11 promotions on November 11th, and the big promotion on December 12, there are a large number of customers to purchase goods through online shopping platform, and commodity sorting The role is to quickly achieve precise distribution goods, the center uses Alibaba’s modern sorting technology support, and the indoor use area is 35,000 square meters.
After the new sorting center is officially enabled, the speed and efficiency of the sorting item will increase by 60%, increasing the delivery of 20%, so that Lazada has the ability to distribute 1 million items per day. In addition, Lazada currently established 17 commodity sorting distribution centers in Southeast Asia, which fully uses modern technology, but also creates new employment opportunities for local residents.