Original title: By cooperative promotion to Lazada promotion, a promotion method paying
SponsoredAffiliate is a promotion method, publisher (ie, business) and promoters (ie alliance promotion institutions), and the promotion model of commissions in public sales products. The products or services promoted by the Alliance will introduce traffic into the Lazada store through exclusive hyperlinks. If the alliance website users have purchased this product (or service), the publisher pays a certain proportion of commissions according to the amount of the transaction. In the Lazada platform, the setting of keywords is very important for drainage. Because customers are purchasing products in the platform, they enter the seller’s stores through the keywords related to the product. If the keywords set by the seller and the keywords entered by the buyer are far away, so embarrassed, the seller is impossible Search your product to enter your store, it can be seen that it is very important to set the keyword. So how do you set the keywords of the Lazada platform product?
Setting products Key words to pay attention to the following: First, keywords need to include keywords, less adjective and modify words, and use some related words. For example, “Gloves” we can think about it has other statements, we can change the keywords in the keyword to “Mitten” “FingerLove” when setting up, so you can set more real, valuable Key words. Second, we must pay attention to the product’s keywords to accurately describe the properties and categories of the product, so that the buyer can find accurate, corresponding products through the keyword search. In addition, the naming of the product is accurate, this is the most basic, and it is also the most important point. Sellers can search in the Lazada platform or other e-commerce platform and summarize the recently popular keywords, reasonable add to their own product name, and, the name of the product is best to show the brand, qualitative and material, etc. It can also add the weight you have searched by the buyer. At the same time, the seller should pay attention to not repeating the superposition keywords, for example, “red” has been “red” in your product name, just write “red in the search keyword. Because this does not increase your product being searched. It will also be more than enough. Finally, the seller is not forgotten, the position of the keyword is also very important. The seller can insert in the store announcement, promotional area and other related places. Finally, the seller wants to try to try at the corresponding time Convert your keyword settings, by comparison, select keywords best suited for yourself. In fact, the settings of the lazada platform keywords, select keywords, highlight key and selling points, more heart, more comparison, constantly Summary experience, gradually improve the browse of the store. Return to Sohu, see more