Original title: Lazada report: Southeast Asia e-commerce sellers are optimistic about sales growth in the fourth quarter, Thailand, China Daily reported on August 19th “Southeast Asian e-commerce transaction volume will usher in high-speed growth in the next three months.” According to Lazada disclosure The seller’s optimism is expected to increase by 30%, although the income reduction under the spread of new crown is still a key factor affecting household expenditure.
As a leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, Lazada has recently released a confidence investigation report that covers 750 e-commerce sellers in Southeast Asia, on the future market expectations and sales estimates, which show that the seller is generally optimistic. In particular, after the emergence of new champions, it has accelerated the rapid growth of the Southeast Asian e-commerce market in Thailand.
E-commerce and social platforms have become an important battlefield for business to expand their business. From the first half of this year, the advertiser can see this trend, although TV advertisements still occupy greater share, I believe that more and more brand vendors and merchants will expand their business through e-commerce and social platform. Introduced flow. This is also the reason why almost all product categories show strong growth momentum.
The report also pointed out that 52% of businesses in 6 months ago, 2021, said they have got higher sales than previous sales. There are also 70% of the platform business to optimize that this year’s third quarter of this year will over 10%, and 33% of these businesses are more than 30% of sales performance. Although Southeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Southeast Asia is still facing serious new epidemics, especially in August, Thailand has been continuously maintained at 20,000 cases.
In any case, from the information feedback from the platform, they are full of confidence in the future e-commerce market prospects under the influence of the epidemic. Apparel merchants are one of the groups that are more optimistic about the market. Since most of the government closes most of the business projects, online shopping has become the preferred channel of people to buy essential products.
According to the report, the 2020 consumer platform shopping has increased by 30%, while the shopping store is 47%. The Thai government also asked home to buy food through the takeaway platform, not in the store.
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