Original title: Lazada, Shopee, eBay, Wish, AliExpress Replenishment, Combat Raiders.
I will think of consumption, new year and festive. In short, the New Year is going to be red! While welcoming the New Year in China. On the occasion of the old welcome, buying a series of new year consumption boom. And the grand New Year Festival will help the platform seller New Year’s head!
How do cross-border sellers seize this year? Analysis helps you!
Lazada, Shopee, eBay, Wish, AliExpress projects can effectively expand exposure rates and conversion rates. Platform activities are important channels for accessing traffic. In addition, with FEED, CEM, etc. Lazada AliExpress marketing tools interact with fans, regularly push activities, coupons, buyers, etc., improve fan viscosity and conversion. In the process of drainage and promotion in CEM, you must actively do a good job in customer service service, carefully and timely customer reply, answer questions, so that consumers are happy and rest assured. Focus: Lazada, Shopee, eBay, How does Wish AliExpress make up? Explode skill!
1. Use the keyword to search, the goods entered the user shop after three, and the store browsing for at least 3 minutes, and ensures that the product is detailed, only the order is purchased.
2. If your product is not ranked first, how to determine the product;
(1) Develop a plan, participate in platform activities
The highly biased keyword (or using the group sharing rankings) 4 single, in this type, the single amount is determined); this can make the website to determine the product is popular, greatly conducive to rankings;
3. How do new stores determine product assessment (complement);
First, the new store evaluation is mainly in order to accumulate praise, a store of sales and evaluation will make customers feel doubts;
Second, the new store evaluation can accumulate data, thus making more finely determined products, enhances the effect;
Third: For new stores, the store mainly determines which products, the randomness is large
4. Process
First, build foreign servers, build a firewall through remote safety terminal
Second: Overseas Independent IP, I suggest an account one IP
Third, overseas credit cards with virtual card background can open unlimited card, one account matches a credit card
Fourth, the registration information foreign email address mobile phone number is almost four – five dollars
Whether it is Amazon, eBay, Wish, Lazada, Shoppe, Mercari AliExpress acquisition and sales through self-supporting, and sells, the most cost-effective way is also the most effective way, but there is a certain technical threshold for self-supporting assessment technology. There are also many resources that need to be prepared. Special to shop depends on their own store, the environment is safe, the number of accounts of the account, the number of orders, how to safely, how to control the assessment, how to advertise, the whole set process and The system must be, not a blind menu, escort your assessment environment! Welcome to exchange!