How can Lazada’s local stores in Thailand? Cross-border shop is good, or a local shop? Lazada stores are divided into cross-border shops; the other is a local store. In 2019, Lazada began opening investment to our domestic enterprises. It can apply for opening the store in China, and most of the domestic merchants have stationed in cross-border stores. The local shop is very easy to have a local registered company, or the personal identity information will be stored; Chinese merchants want to settle in a difficulty, but also need to have stock (their own warehouse or borrowing Three-party warehouse), you also need to register in local registered companies or need my passport to Thailand to handle bank cards, plus a local mobile phone number (mobile phone number is not necessarily my)
Summarize: What information does it need to register with Lazada Thai local store?
01 Thai mobile phone number;
02 mailbox;
03 Passport / Thailand ID card (Philippine site registration must be a local ID card or company, passport can not be registered);
Thai bank card.
Do you have a cross-border shop, or a local shop? I don’t know if you have this confusion, I often have a business to ask this question.
The cross-border stores and local stores have their own advantages. The Chinese merchants settle in cross-border stores will be more convenient. A company can register 6 sites at the same time. Synchronous open, there is no stable supply in the previous period, do you need to use 1688 Source? More suitable for entrepreneurial sellers, reduce costs,
Disadvantage: In the logistics, the delivery is time-long, the cost is high (especially 1-2 kg or more products), but the platform has been actively perfecting cross-border logistics, Thailand, Malay, Singapore logistics is very fast, 5 It is basically arriving at a working day. In 2020, each site official website is more mature (similar Amazon’s FBA) platform also encourages the merchant to enter the overseas warehouse, enhance the service level of the store; the advantage of the local shop:
01. High logistics is high (main city can basically guarantee 3 days)
02. The freight is relatively cheap, the price will be more competitive;
03. The platform does not charge, if it is a Mall store to receive 2% of the fee (cross-border store to sell 4% as a commission)
Disadvantages: The merchant is required to stand in local stock, self-built overseas warehouse, and high operation costs (just when they do, it is recommended to rely on operational costs);
However, Xiaobian suggestion, priority to select the open local store (it is recommended to open the store and local stockings). Regarding the Lazada local shop opening and operation, if there is unclear, please also welcome the message to discuss.