Last week in Thailand Market Cross-border Business Double Weekly Vol.1 (on) We analyzed home appliances, clothing, home department store stocks, stocks. This week, continues to reveal the hot data from January 20th to February 2nd, the hottest data for the merchant for the merchant. In addition, Thailand’s cross-border goods in February began. Registration Raiders, please know that cross-border goods are very traffic in February, I hope that all merchants will participate actively. Before signing up, please check the inventory of the active commodity. 3 ways to register:
1 Enter the active window to find the corresponding activity;
2 Enter the activity window Any click on an activity to replace the activity ID to register to jump; 3 Links to the following activity: # / campaign / 54224 / detail / Basic
Merchants intend to register can refer to our two weeks of hot goods data to decide which products participate in promotions. The following mainly analyzes the products of toys, maternal babies, beauty, and health among large expressions. Thai weather turns, children’s anti-mosquito products search increase.
April is Thai New Year (Songkan Festival), inflatable swimming pool and related toys inevitably sell! Beauty and maternal and child merchants can find waterproof products.
Search for high but not included, you can go to some anti-PM2.5 masks (Thailand long-term air pollution).
Long-term stable hot search and high GMV baby products (cart / straps / pregnant women and breastfeeding products) can be considered.
Puzzle games have been long-term sales list, March promotion is coming, and outdoor toys can be prepared. The weather is hot, you can get some cool, there is a summer style shoes and a sun, especially the girl’s skirt.
Pregnant women have been stabilized, and you can do more pregnant women. You can push some supplies suitable for summer, such as thin blankets, breathable waist stools.
Merchants can increase pet supplies such as fish, birds, hamsters on the basis of cats and dog products, increase difference competitiveness.
The beauty of the nail, such as a nail lamp, nail stickers are very hot, mascara, false eyelashes and other makeup gadgets are popular.
In addition to the following products, blood pressure gauges, hot water bottles, knee stockings, elderly help, etc., etc.
These flash products sales are hundreds to thousands, and merchants want to sell sales or have a chance. The fast-selling merchant is based on the strongest guide for this article, it must be the next big promotion to win more stores. Previous review