On January 21, recently, Lazada announced the Vietnamese New Year Festival, which also announced some good news about the future Vietnamese platform, including single-piece commodity transaction volume will exceed the 1 million Nosshield restrictions, the platform will expand the category More categories in the future can be sold within its cross-border business. Not only that, Lazada will open more cross-border logistics, including Hong Kong to Vietnam to open in the first quarter. Cross-border e-commerce industry in Vietnam is huge, not only from local buyers to quality life demand, the data growth of different types of merchants in each stage is also a good description. It is understood that in this new year’s year, the biggest growth of KA sellers is 507% compared to last year this Vietnamese New Year Festival TOP10 is: sports and outdoor, men’s shoes, ladies, mobile phones and tablets, tools and home decoration, motor, watch sunglasses jewelry, lighting and decoration, Audio, toys and games. This activity hot sale single product TOP8 includes charging treasure, Bluetooth headset, car navigation, surveying tool pen, jeans, slippers, hair mask and slimming essential oil.
In addition, in order to help sellers, Lazada makes recommendations on sellers in terms of choice and pricing, marketing, background data. In terms of choice and pricing, the products sold by the seller need to be guided by the actual needs and market trends, and avoid homogenization and price war with quality as the core. After the success of research and development, merchants need to combine product costs, transportation costs, platform costs, and market prices to give reasonable pricing. In terms of marketing and activities, merchants should reasonably allocate activities in order to build explosives. For each event, the merchant needs to do data analysis and summary. Keep the option before the newspapers, the event is adopted, and the activities are planned to play activities (including coupons, full parts, Feed event, home positivity, old customer marketing), Data summary is performed according to the effect during the event. In the background data section, for new products, merchants should optimize the data test conversion, collection, and the data indicator reports. For goods in data, merchants must focus on marketing promotion, using the platform’s data section to analyze traffic source and data indicators. According to Google and Temasek in the research report, Vietnam has become the second largest e-commerce market in Southeast Asia, and the scale will reach $ 23 billion in 2025. At the same time, Vietnam is about 100 million demographic bonus in 2020. With the growth of Vietnamese economy, as well as the consumption upgrade of Vietnamese people, Lazada recommends that merchants should choose practical and high cost-effective products. Yibang export content is not authorized to reprint
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