On January 11th, Lazada Vietnamese held a new year promotion during January 5th to 14th, and issued a shopping trend after the beginning of the day. During the New Year promotion, Vietnamese consumers can enjoy up to 50% discount, free shipping, etc. Lazada data shows that within two days after the start of the promotion, the number of brands and sellers participating in the event has increased year-on-year; the number of customers and orders are doubled; the number of customers in Lazmall has increased, and the number of orders is almost over. And income also increased.
The shopping trend of the Lazada Vietnam Station will also include: consumers are very interested in health products, the product and living products, especially cleaning and cleaning auxiliary tool revenue increased by 2 times; furniture The purchasing power of kitchen supplies has also grown sharply to meet the needs of Spring Festival decoration; groceries and maternal and child have received nearly 3 times in the first two days of New Year’s promotion. In addition, Lazlive’s views have increased by 220%, and live sharing volume has also increased by more than 570%. When watching Lazlive, the number of products placed in the shopping cart is 7 times, and the income of the Lazlive Channel is 5 times higher than the same period last year.
Recently, Lazada has committed to enhance the experience of sellers and buyers on its platform, and enhance its ecosystem to ensure sustainable development, while striving to achieve balance or profitability in the next three years. Jamesdong, CEO of Lazada, Thailand and Vietnam, said that under the influence of the epidemic, Lazada achieved strong growth in the past year and a half. We maintain the high-speed growth of two digits, some quarters or even three digits, he returned these growth to the online shopping of consumer demand under the epidemic blockade.
In terms of logistics, Lazada uses Alibaba’s logistics technology and lazada’s repository in ASEAN, with digital technology support, Lazada can complete cross-border delivery in a shorter time.
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