Lazada is temporarily scheduled to take a storage usage fee in Malaysia overseas, in fact, it is also normal, the platform has just started to promote overseas warehouses, attracting you to settle, waiting for time to start charging, after all, the operation also requires cost. In addition, the platform will make a clearance in the warehouse in the warehouse of more than 180 days, and the cost is borne by Lazada. Work content This year we focused on three explosions in the first half of the year. They have already exploded it. They all start watching in April, and then the main push in mid-May. Now the amount is not bad. I look forward to each explosion day after the month. Order 100+, the words come back, the level of my choice is still still, of course, the level of the product is also pushing the lead. On the 5th day of the 5th day, the sixth day is mainly to optimize the Thai station, some explosive products advertising, keyword attributes, shop decoration, alliance promotion, etc. Today, Lazada Philippines Station Sike the advertisement search, next, add this Philippine station advertising task. The fifth day includes, operateing some clear stockings, including local overseas warehouses, because after all, is the 618 festival, if the method is proper, or can be cleared inventory.
This combat map is free to open, but because some of these templates are born with my colleagues, I will prepare for payment. In fact, if you have energy, you can follow this combat map, template itself. Don’t want to pay attention to small partners, you can choose to pay 99 yuan to get these templates, including, preparation, preheat, 618, some coupons, multiple pieces, payment, etc., also prepared Three sets of Banner and home renovation template (PSD format, friends who can PS can be operated by themselves), promote the Alliance Template (PSD), and some of our own finishing and some setup tutorials collected, there is a statement in the combat map. Important: The template will not be given one-time, which will also make some adjustments according to some data during the preparation of the activities, but the templates in the first day are basically payment after basically payment. Since these templates are set up based on one of our teams, some friends may be high or low, because everyone’s category is different, the profits are different, so please understand, feel high or low, You can set it yourself and don’t have to comply with our team’s solutions. This operational plan is just a simple experience sharing, and it also wants to verify some of our judgment through some data. Combat maps are free, templates need to pay 99 yuan. During the operation plan, all the purchase of Shrimp Less Course + Template Courses (as a welfare, now the shrimp course 199 yuan). If you need to pay, please contact me directly in WeChat, secret number: 618 battles. If you feel a good friend, you are also asking for you to see, not very grateful. If you really can help you, you will be honored. Copybook: Beauty Girl Typography: Beauty Girl (Know Why don’t you use Sunny typography? Because Sunny typography I have to pay for labor)