The products playing the Lazadagc logo represents a product of cross-border sellers (click to view lazadagc product definitions). For the Lazada platform, they will give GlobalCollection products more exposure ports, as the seller how we operate their GC product? LazadaGC product operation rule.
Lazada seller can log in to GSP and see the situation of the GC boutique pool. In the entire GC boutique pool, the life cycle is divided into three phases: potential goods, enter the boutique pool, removed by the boutique pool.
Remarks: Each country site is different for the definition of the GC boutique pool, so the seller needs to log in to each site to see the definition of the boutique pool, and the status of the GC product.
The three states of GC products are refreshed according to the “Day” for the dimension, that is, you set up in potential items, the next day will appear in the boutique pool.
(1) For GC potential products, the seller has two tasks to do: set up and guarantee 72 hours to enter the scan;
(2) For goods that have been in the GC boutique pool, the operation tasks of the seller need to do is: guarantee inventory, shipping on time (guarantee 72 hours to mark scanning), pay attention to product scores and IM replies;
(3) For goods removed from the boutique pool, the operation task of the seller needs to do is: Seriously investigate the reasons for the product removed the GC boutique, and improve these reasons.
The main reason for the removal of GC boutique pools: NOFREESHIPPING: The product is invalid, and the seller needs to reset the package;
NOTGOODPERFORMANCE: The decline in the performance of the goods in the platform is mainly due to the rise of the commodity return / cancellation, the decline in goods / sellers, and the decline in commodity conversion.
Nodeliveryontime: The goods delivery delay, order from delivery, more than 72 hours, still do not enter the position;
UncompetitiveProduct: The product lacks competitiveness, mainly in duplicate goods, and no price advantage
The above is the lazadagc product operation strategy. There are three main roads in the Lazada platform: daily FlashDeal, Lazmall and global selection of GlobalCollection. So I suggest that everyone will take care of the operation of GC products. Yanshang is paying attention to the localization of Southeast Asian e-commerce, providing practical training from 0-1 and 1-N, and Southeast Asian high quality compliance.