On July 6th, the ESG-Jiai cross-border Yandong business district hosted, the Chenghai District E-commerce Industry Association and Baoyao Association, “Lazada-Southeast Asian cross-border e-commerce market analysis” sharing will be in Baosheng 4th Floor The meeting room was held. This share will attract nearly 70 Lazada has settled in merchants and intentional merchants. The atmosphere is warm.
01 Southeast Asia: The next e-commerce mine departs in Google Temiziei and Bain’s prediction, Southeast Asian Internet economy will reach $ 300 billion in 2025. With the rapid development of mobile Internet, the penetration rate of the entire Southeast Asian Internet reached 55%, and e-commerce accounts for about 3% of the total retail total penetration. This is that Southeast Asia is a huge blue sea market. Its network users are young and energetic. The purchase force, currently, Southeast Asia’s e-commerce is starting, known as the next e-commerce gold mine. Lazada was launched in March 2012, which is the first online shopping platform in Southeast Asia, with branches in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam. Since the acquisition of Lazada in 2016, it has invested in Lazada4 billion dollars, about 30 billion. Renminbi and bring a global supply chain to the Southeast Asian market.
02LAZADA One-stop hatching service ESG Merchants Manager Bruce introduced the recommendation of the Lazada cross-border key category, and shared 6 players in the 2019 Lazada cross-border upgrade: global selection, depth operation, build service ecology, cross Home business brand, deep tillage logistics experience, incremental product upgrade, etc. Currently,
ESG-Jiaai Yuedong cross-border business circle has been in Baoyao 5th, will bring exclusive platform operation guidance to Lazada merchants around Chenghai and even the tide, provide a one-on-one service, store diagnosis (including choice, on the shelves, Optimize, promotion, etc.) to help solve problems such as store abnormalities such as shops, platform remittances. At the same time, it will regularly hold business training, bring one-stop hatching service for the merchant, from the store, goods upload, store management, order management, logistics guidelines, API docking, pricing strategy, shop drainage, net red operation, customer service guidance, shop Diagnosis, shop vision, operational direction and advice, etc., various breakthroughs, etc., help Chenghai toys to open up Southeast Asian market.
Baoyao will continue to build a platform for communication with Chenghai toy merchants, introduce excellent platforms to Chenghai toys business services, help Chenghai toys cross-border e-commerce development, and jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of Chenghai toys industry.