Benefits from the EWTP overseas warehouse, many cross-border sellers have got a lot during this year’s New Year’s Day. Southeast Asia’s largest e-commerce platform lazada data shows that the sales of Malaysia’s overseas warehouse increased nearly 10 times, cross-border sellers watched brand “time beauty”, digital brand “Green United”, cookware brand “carote” and so on. Lazada’s overseas warehouse model doubled. Due to the imperfect local logistics infrastructure in Southeast Asia, past cross-border goods often have to reach the buyer. In order to improve the logistics experience of cross-border goods, Lazada focused on overseas storage mode in 2018, relying on EWTP established by Alibaba Group and the Malaysian government, using local warehousing, high-efficiency electronic clearance, greatly enhances overall logistics of cross-border goods. It is currently achieving local 72 hours in Malaysia. As cross-border logistics is more convenient, Southeast Asia consumers have settled in China’s new year goods, and they are no longer limited to traditional costumes, snack-oriented, “buyers” during the Spring Festival, “buy new products” into their new choice. Lazada’s CNY New Year Festival, table and chairs, dressing tables, lamps and other furniture home goods are welcomed by Malaysian consumers, the first day of the line increased by 300%.
Large home goods in the “China Year” promotion, the opening of the Lazada’s cross-border official shipping service. 2018 Double 12 period Lazada first sells large furniture products such as sofa, office chair, dressing table, TV cabinet, etc. Competitiveness, merchants attending the shipping project have achieved breakthrough progress. More Chinese brands also landed in Southeast Asia in this CNY New Year Festival, the kitchen home appliance brand “Jiuyang” participated in the CNY New Year Festival, a noodle machine, juicer, etc. sold in Lazada Malaysia, online CNY New Year’s Day bargain That is, it is grabed in an instant. “Royal Mud” in Lazada Singapore, Malaysia Synchronously issued a new year limited edition mask, festive packaging and peaceful prices were popular with local consumers. Tmall cross-border business person in charge said that Southeast Asian consumers purchased more and more diverse, such as this CNY New Year’s Eve, sweeping robots, humidifiers, etc. Cross-border sales growth, more brand beauty makeup to Southeast Asia The market has also begun to move from “attention” to actions. Next, Tmall cross-border business will provide more solutions to develop shipping lines to other Southeast Asian countries with the Marlasia market, and build large goods from the sea. At the same time, in more countries to establish EWTP overseas warehouses, meet more of new categories of logistics aging needs. The Spring Brigade will continue to pay attention to synchronous lazada information!