Original title: The world’s 200,000 Chinese Spring Festival is acceptable, and the rookie is 200 million, cross-border goods are ready to go.
On January 20th, the rookie upgraded the cross-border logistics guarantee during the Spring Festival, relying on its self-built global logistics network, accumulating more than 10,000 cross-border merchants at home and abroad during the Spring Festival, normal global stockings and delivery. Up to now, the rookie bonded warehouse, export excellent storage, overseas warehouse and other stocks exceeded 200 million pieces. Global 200 multi-country consumers can achieve “freedom” during the Spring Festival, meet the Chinese New Year.
In terms of export, the rookie is excellent, the goods, the overseas warehouse, etc. are maintained in normal operation during the Spring Festival, and the overall deposit is 5 times the same period last year. In Spain, France, Russia and Brazil and other countries, rookies ensure that logistics during the Spring Festival does not downgrade, so overseas consumers can “pick up their hands” at any time. The rookie not only makes consumers happy to collect goods, but also let the merchants will be shipped with peace. In response to the pain points of the spare goods and shipments during the Spring Festival, the rookie is all over 7 exports in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, etc., can help the merchant to achieve cross-border logistics full hoster. Export merchants can come from the factory “one-button straight hair” to the rookie, but also improve the delivery time, but also make Chinese merchants can have a peaceful Chinese year.
On the eve of the Spring Festival, the rookie will open the new year shipping, air transport, freight line, especially Japan, South Korea, Thailand. Recently, a large number of new year came from Dongguan, Fuzhou Masa, Hangzhou Xiaoshan, Shanghai, Guangzhou Nansha, etc.
Also in Southeast Asia, Lazada’s cross-border logistics with rookie support is not stopped. Vegetiles Shenzhen, Yiwu, Quanzhou, Hong Kong export distribution center and Shenzhen, Hong Kong center warehouse will ensure that consumers in Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand can be placed in Lazada and receives The goods, realize the “Freedom of Amoy” during the Spring Festival.
“The cross-border logistics of the Sichuan Spring Festival, let China’s annual taste all over the world. According to the international person in charge of the rookie, this year’s Spring Festival does not fight, the rookie will invest more than 300 million yuan in incentive subsidies to 150,000 bidding warehouses, export The warehouse and the national warehousing distribution network and the station’s 150,000 line employees provide logistics guarantees for consumers at home and abroad. In addition, rookies also subsidize some cross-border lines and logistics products, allowing exporters to enjoy the ultimate price-effective logistics services. Return to Sohu, see more