On December 29th, Yibang’s motivation learned that Lazada opened the Vietnamese New Year Festival. It is reported that this big promotion will be started from January 3, 2020, lasting from January 12, a total of 10 days.
According to the registration rule of the Vietnam New Year Festival, the order cancellation rate caused by the business reasons is not higher than 2%, the store rating is not less than 60%, and the sales of more than 1 in the past 9 days can sign up, and the seller participates The activities of the activities are only available for more than 30 days.
It is understood that this Lazada Vietnam New Year Festival will focus on travel vacation, friends and relatives, new year gifts, and resignation of the old four major life scenes. The big promotion will begin from January 3 to January 12, continue for 10 days, and there are different topics every day.
The time scheduled for the whole phase is: starting three days from December 31st; January 3 to 7th horse horse, on January 8th to 12th, based on the list of sales, according to the main category of the main point; The logistics deadline is from January 20 to 21.
It is worth noting that during the New Year’s Day, the platform of the Lazada Vietnamese site will live free of charge for the merchant. At the same time, if there is a good character in the seller goods, you can also have the opportunity to participate in the platform line O2O display.
Lazada official suggests that the seller needs to meet the needs of consumer needs by applying for Vietnam Xiao Er, and the seller needs to meet the needs of the consumer, and the principle of new, good, multi-provincial provinces is required. At the same time, in the new year’s day, the long-tailed goods, the seller should set up multiple pieces of multi-vehicle transformation, followed by coupons and package must be set according to the profit situation.
It is reported that when the new seller incubated before the previous period, Lazada will provide training for the guidance, choice and optimization of the hot search, and the new seller’s special event; and for the 60 days, the list of 1,000 is more than 1,000 sellers, There will be the search resource provided by the platform and the blessing of FlashSale flash. For sellers who grow to the head in 90 days, there will be SELLERPICK window rewards, and the introduction of external traffic of social channels.
Yubang’s power learned that as a Vietnamese market in Lazada, its population in Southeast Asia is second only to Indonesia and the Philippines. In 2020, nearly 100 million people will be welcomed, and the per capita GDP in Vietnam is $ 2563, 2019 GDP Speed ​​at 7%. And in 2019, the Vietnamese e-commerce market has reached 5 billion US dollars, and the compound annual growth rate reached 81%. Related reports predict that the total value of Vietnam’s e-commerce market will reach $ 23 billion in 2025.