Social Media Platform Facebook and Consulting Company Bosn January 31 jointly released Southeast Asian digital consumption report.
The report is expected that this number will reach $ 254 billion in five years, which is almost doubled from this year, with an average growth rate of 14%. By the end of this year, Southeast Asian e-commerce transactions were expected to reach $ 132 billion, which will be 1.8 times last year.
Before the end of this year, in the population of Southeast Asia 15 years old and above, the ratio of digital consumer will approach 80%. It is expected that this year will increase the number of digital consumers in this year, which is equivalent to the population of the entire UK. By 2026, Southeast Asia’s digital consumer population is expected to increase to 80 million people, an increase of 36% compared with 2019.
Southeast Asia Digital Consumption Report Titland: Joint Morning Post
Among them, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore are three countries with digital consumers, 88%, 80%, and 79% respectively.
As the number of digital consumers increased, their average spended an increase of 60% this year, and increased from $ 238 last year to $ 381 at the end of this year, and expected to reach $ 671 in 2026, an increase of 76% this year, In 2019, it increased by 3.9 times.
Online retailer lazada group strategy long Ekbum Magnusekbom pointed out that more in China and the United States are more transferred from online channels to the line, and in Southeast Asia, online channels have promoted consumption spending and retail increase.
The report shows that the contribution ratio of the online retail sales of Southeast Asia is 5% and 9% in 2020 and 2021, which in the four percentage points mean that this year has increased by 85%, more than Brazil, China and India.
In addition to the increase in online shopping consumption, regional consumers also purchase more categories of categories online, and average each consumer purchase 8.1 categories of products, above 5.1 species last year. The latest online shopping product categories of consumers include health care, food and fresh fruits and vegetables.
It is worth noting that the environment, social and governance (ESG) factors are one of the three reasons for the Southeast Asian consumers to change their brand, 11% of consumers listed ESG as the main reason. 90% of consumers are willing to pay premiums for ESG, and 80% of consumers are willing to pay 10% premium.
Facebook and Behin were investigated in June this year, covering 16706 digital consumers in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam, who have purchased at least two categories of products in the past three months. The survey also visited more than 20 enterprises in different fields, including the Star Exhibition Group (DBS), Winter Sea Group (SEA), Netflix, Lazada and McDonald’s.
Editor: Zhong Shuangxia, Yan Yue Rong (internship)