Remarks: The public account has a friend who wants to learn cross-border e-commerce, I can teach you how to start quickly from zoise. Shrimp shopee cross-border electricity supplier website shrimp, whether buyers or sellers, just sign in shrimp official website, go to the bottom of the home page you can click to jump to the corresponding site.
Shrimp official website: Shopee Southeast Asia and Taiwan business platform (
Shrimp shopee each site Daquan sellers center (cross-border shop)
Taiwan National Center for shrimp seller (
Malaysia sellers Center (
Indonesia sellers Center (
Thailand sellers Center (
Philippines sellers Center (
Singapore Seller Center (
Vietnam seller Center (
Brazil Seller Center (
Mexico sellers Center (
Shopping site (ie buyers Center)
Taiwan buyers (
Malaysian buyers (
Indonesian buyers
Thailand buyer (
Philippines buyers (
Singapore buyers (
Vietnam buyer (
Brazilian buyers (
Mexican buyers ( if you just started doing cross-border electricity providers, operators do not know how to operate, you can add my micro letter: 45,677,606 Note: The number of public, free sharing of cross-border electricity supplier operating methods, and operational information, there are a number of electricity supplier operations chiefs, free daily share of cross-border electricity supplier practical operation of dry cargo carriers, plus free access to the small series of cross-border electricity supplier operating a learning materials. Cross-border electricity supplier shrimp Getting Started tutorial, settled data
1, corporate identity;
2, business license (business or self-employed);
3, not registered Shopee a phone number and E-mail;
4, domestic trade platform (a treasure, Jingdong, etc.) or a cross-border platform (Amazon, AliExpress, etc.) nearly three months of water shop detail;
5, ERP back-end system or the number of product shots.
Second, the settled process
1, find Shopee official website, fill out the basic information into the green channel;
2, the investment manager will contact you within 5 working days, and it will carry out quality audit;
3, qualified through the audit, the platform will be sent an invitation to shop registration e-mail, fill out the registration information based on the message prompt;
4, shop after registration is completed, the foundation set up to improve information collection, logistics channels and return address, etc., and complete the task under the guidance of new store