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Cross-border e-commerce shrimp skin comment First, let’s take a look at the population advantage of Southeast Asia, and the regional population of Southeast Asia is 60 million, almost my country’s population is less than half, and the population density is large. Secondly, the regional advantage is the same as the Asian region and my country’s natural geosetics, consumer habits and my country. Southeast Asia Shopping Mall is still in the field of e-commerce new malls, e-commerce base supporting equipment such as Internet, logistics, and pay system, etc. are still in development. However, the same originates from the geological advantages, compared to other new malls such as Africa, Latin America and Russia, my country’s logistics schemes in Southeast Asian countries, less aging. Southeast Asia areas have more than 600 million people, and there are 340 million Internet users, and the e-commerce malls are $ 21.8 billion.
Southeast Asia shopping mall passed through the way of PC network, directly entering the mobile online shopping era, smart phone penetration rate up to 50% and continues to add, Internet users across the Internet across 16 hours, used for online shopping, e-commerce Planning continues to add agile. my country’s e-commerce giant Alibaba also looked at Southeast Asian e-commerce, and bought the largest Southeast Asian e-commerce Lazada, and outputs Southeast Asia with Seller products of Tmall systems. This sharing an article can not cover a lot of knowledge points, maybe many times you can’t solve your problem, you can + Teacher WeChat: 2438823447 Remarks: public account, free to receive cross-border e-commerce learning courses. Free cross-border e-commerce operations per day, first come first served.