Southeast Asian cross-border e-commerce will need to use the freight forwarding, the freight forwarding system, the advantages, etc. The freight forwarding system of cross-border e-commerce logistics warehousing services, it can help merchants ship, pack and post for merchants, warehouses, sorting, distribution, domestic and foreign transportation, etc., very suitable for Southeast Asia cross-border e-commerce Merchants, especially from the registration, is also able to help our merchants.
Shopee, lazada freight forwarding system Xingdu 1 yuan service
1, one generation
First of all, you can look at its generation function. One of the biggest advantages of generation is that there is no stock. It doesn’t have yourself, you don’t have to pay, you can reduce the risk, and the range of choice is relatively wide, and the procurement is relatively convenient. Business is easy to get started, run quickly; and this system can do a generation of Southeast Asia, focusing on cross-border e-commerce packets, which satisfies many business needs of the goods or distribution model, which greatly facilitates business operations; 2, generation Standard and delivery
Secondly, it can be posted on the bill and delivery, the merchant order, after the freight forwarding warehouse, the freight forwarding warehouse will have professional staff to pack and pick up the package, then send to Shopee or Lazada platform. At the collective position, this is the operation of freight forwarding, reducing delayed delivery, and can reduce the problem of merchants themselves in delivery and docking logistics, saving merchant time and transportation costs; 3, one yuan sticker
Finally, it is worth mentioning that it is a yuan, and today’s freight forwarders are usually 2-3 yuan. They are relatively high prices, but the star is excellence but can do full package Price to a single order, it can be said that it is quite cost-effective, and it is possible to guarantee the delivery and logistics stability, there is also the best price, providing worry-free services, also equipped with professional customer service team, real-time online answering customer problem And guarantee payment within 24 hours to make the merchant more assured.
Shopee, lazada freight forwarding system Xingdu 1 yuan service
I believe this article introduces the merchant to be more understanding of the Southeast Asian cross-border electric business goods service system. Its system function is comprehensive, and it is also possible to provide high quality services to the merchant. High quality and low prices, help business out of the sea Southeast Asia.