The public number. I will arrange a live class here to help you solve all the problems of Amazon. The largest Shopee shrimp skin eggs due to 600 million people in Southeast Asia, the population base is huge. Among them, the population under the age of 30 exceeds 50%! Due to the young population structure and faster economic development, Southeast Asia has been considered to be an e-commerce sector with greater potential. But the sales of e-commerce sales in Southeast Asia account for only 1-2% of the total social sales. At present, China’s e-commerce sales has reached a total social sales of 15%. The e-commerce market in Southeast Asia has grown space, which is self-evident. It can be seen that SHOPEE is in the market in Southeast Asia.
Shopee is online trading volume, online marketing, so store goods is very dependent on online advertising marketing, general pay advertising promotion is the most direct economic benefits, but the merchant will also say that I said After making marketing promotion or is the reason for sales? Have orders, the profit of recycling is too small, so the merchant must save advertising promotion costs, set the advertising publicity cost budget, because the advertising propaganda must be paid, if not set, will burn the cost budget, At the same time, the choice of sales is better, five-star praises, the price is all the more moderately moderate products to carry out advertising, the role of the advertisement can be fully played.
If you start to do cross-border e-commerce, don’t know how to operate operation, you can add me WeChat: 45677606 Remarks: public account, free to share cross-border e-commerce operation methods, and operate information, there are many e-commerce operations, Free cross-border e-commerce operations per day, plus small editor for free access to cross-border e-commerce operation learning materials. Foreign trade e-commerce platform Shopee shrimp skin It is reported that many Shopee shrimp sellers are not large, but because of Sku, there are many stocks, and the amount of funds, but in the effect, there are quite products selling Can’t fall, or sell it, it will bring it to profits, leading to the backlog of stock, the capital turnover is not high and increased cost. Therefore, for cross-border e-commerce sellers, try to choose small two light, not high delivery costs, can quickly ship, and reduce costs through high capital turnover rates and improve overall profits.
Shopee / shrimp skin is currently the largest e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia. After several rounds of financing, the mountains have comprehensively covered Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, China Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines have enrolled in 2020. In 2017, I was listed on the New Exchange of the United States. Tencent accounted for 40%. In 2018, the total amount of transactions reached US $ 10.3 billion, an increase of 149.9% year-on-year, and such platforms were willing to fall.
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