In recent years, the number of domestic e-commerce sellers has increased, and the seller has to go to the drainage, and the gameplay is endless. With the competition of domestic e-commerce market, it is necessary to survive in the domestic e-commerce market. You need to pay a lot of time costs, high funding costs, high-level knowledge costs, which is very harsh for new travel sellers. .
In the domestic e-commerce market, many sellers turned to abroad. Throughout the Asian market, Southeast Asia has become the first choice for many sellers to do cross-border e-commerce.
Southeast Asia has a perfect Internet industry chain. The local people have strong e-commerce consumption, and the government has many policy support and e-commerce industry can participate in high.
For newborns seller layout Southeast Asian cross-border market, the advantages of all aspects are more obvious.
Blue sea market, business opportunities unlimited
The Southeast Asian market has great growth space. From the pattern, there are many platforms, each platform has its own advantages, and the competition is not a foregone. In 11 countries in Southeast Asia, more than half of the countries have developed e-commerce projects.
Data showed that the Internet economy in Southeast Asia will exceed $ 240 billion. Southeast Asia is already the most cost of e-commerce development potential.
Going fast, easy to operate
Because domestic capital intervention, most platforms are very close to the domestic e-commerce platform, so the platform is more likely to get started. This also makes the e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia than other platforms.
Geographical advantages, convenient logistics
Southeast Asia has a distance advantage. In Southeast Asian countries, Thailand and Vietnam are bordered by China. Several other countries are not far away, and there are still ships in other countries. There are general in 7-20 days, so they don’t have to cross-border e-commerce in Europe and America. The time is slow to cause the stress pressure.
So how do you take a cross-border e-commerce in Southeast Asia?
On December 14, the fingerprint hicustom will join Lazada to open the online live salon. Events aim to help the sellers on the HiCustom platform quickly lay out in the Southeast Asian cross-border market, and also introduce the seller of Lazada to the fingerprint flexible supply chain in cross-border e-commerce Unique application.
The event will invite Lazada’s Merchants Manager Charlesho, fingerprint HicuSTOM Senior Training Lecturer Mea Meina to carry out full link guidance of cross-border operation in Southeast Asia, helping Chinese newbie sellers to grab the Southeast Asian blue sea market!
Activity appointment
Time: December 14th 15: 00-16: 40
Scan code reservation live, dry goods are firm! “Lazada introduction”
Founded in 2012, Lazada is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia.
Lazada has a comprehensive coverage of logistics networks in Southeast Asia, and leading payment systems. There is currently more than 80 million active consumers, is a well-known Southeast Asia and a rapid e-commerce platform, which has maintained a record of multiple quarter orders.