I have been cross-border e-commerce has been six years. In Amazon and Shrimp skin, I have summarized a quick explosive experience. I opened a hundred stores from a store in one year, and I would like to share it with you. Help. Xiao Bian (Granville core: 772 024 802) Note: No public have a friend who wants to learn cross-border electricity supplier, I can teach you how to quickly scratch single burst.
Currently shrimp is Southeast Asia’s largest electronic business platform, starting just 15 years, 17 years has just entered the Chinese market, shrimp has been downloaded more than 2.5 million sellers only 700 million. Now opened a seven sites, as well as my country’s Taiwan Province, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia. . Shopee site in Taiwan: Taiwan registered Shopee site needs to satisfy simultaneously conditions: 1) Limited in Hong Kong or the mainland or individual industrial and commercial households Qualification (meet: a Qualification can be found in the corporate network to the letter; b no operating abnormalities; c. within the period) 2) with more than three months of operational experience domestic platforms (Taobao, Jingdong, a lot of fight, 1688, etc.) 3) quantity SKU> 50 models, and in line with local export and import requirements of local registration Shopee Taiwan site material required to submit: 1) corporate ID card (front and back of each one) are stacked in the upper right corner of the original business license photo 2) longer than three months when the shop domestic platform related links
So how should we be shopee election materials it?
Large companies generally have a dedicated staff of election materials, he would go to study all kinds of local habits and customs, religion and even politics and so on. So, as a small seller how to do it let small briefly explain some of the sources shopee selected products?:
1, the official micro-channel public number: Understanding the daily selling product data for each site.
2, the site of weekly: Each seller will be assigned a docking manager. Every week we can see the market conditions of each site according to the manager of the wind weekly. Has not been in touch with the manager sellers can ask friends in different sellers qq group, someone will share with you.
4, Shopee each site’s home page: Weekly know in which category after the popular classes, go to the home page of each site and see which products sold under the category (sorted by sales exclude advertising)
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