Now Shopee is equal to 10 years ago Taobao, from last year, there is a word fire, Southeast Asia cross-border e-commerce. Initially in the e-commerce circle, later in the platform training company, there is still a short video, and it entered the consciousness of 10,000 people in an instant. So what is Southeast Asian e-commerce? Simply use the foreign platform, mainly shrimp skin, selling products to Southeast Asian customers in domestic operations. The reason is hot, nothing more than the market, but it is still a blue sea, or it is called just blue to turn red, and the competition is not large. Specifically, there are several reasons.
Domestic e-commerce has been perfect from 17 years since 2003, and all kinds of supporting facilities such as payment logistics have been improved, and there is no opportunity. The big seller has stood firm, harvesting users, and small and medium sellers have no chance. Although e-commerce play is endless, everyone is consistent, there is nothing new. Southeast Asia, they have 650 million people, the market is very large, but the e-commerce develops are immature, and there is an opportunity. In addition, their manufacturing is not developed, but the demand is developing very quickly, most of the goods need to import from my country, which is simply in the sky. The platform is mainly Cmpanda, Chinese Chao Bear, Southeast Asian e-commerce one-stop service platform. Chamigably the bear system opens, purchases, shipments, and delivers one-click operational era. Simplify the workload of Southeast Asian electricity, you can operate, we are your technical department, data analysis department, purchase department, quality inspection department, overseas warehousing department.
You only need to go to the Southeast Asian e-commerce platform (Lazada, Shopee, Shopfiy et al., Submitted to the Chaser Bear System, and apply for purchase for purchase. Chamons the bear system helps you complete the purchase order, verify the number of goods, change the barcode, delivery of the head-up logistics, conversions, overseas delivery, COD collection.
Everyone has experienced the development of domestic e-commerce, and the experience is more than the cat and painting, which is better than the sellers in Southeast Asia. There is also a good domestic e-commerce, but tells the end, it is necessary to mention, each industry has successful And failure, not to say that Southeast Asian e-commerce will be successful, must be turned, so it is necessary to prepare in advance.
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