Make Lazada cross-border e-commerce, the main map is uploaded to have a certain requirement, otherwise the audit cannot be passed, the good title can improve the traffic of the goods. So good main map is to improve product click rate, buyers only open your There will be subsequent transformations.
The main picture is too bad, and those customers may even get in, don’t say to buy, so how to design a good-looking main picture? The following is essential.
I. The role and characteristics of the Lazada product are searched by keywords or categories, and the picture pre-consumer is the product map.
Role: The style, color, brand, etc.
Features: The search or category page stands out, quickly stimulates the eyeball, making differentiation, resulting in high hits.
Example: ● Background color single
● Clear picture
● Brand highlight
● The main product is outstanding
● Differentiation 2, Lazada product main map size and proportion • Size of the main picture of the item: 800×800 pixels, within 500KB,
• Requires the JPG or GIF format to achieve a magnifying glass. Tip: The small picture cannot be enlarged! ! !
• The proportion is 1: 1 square, and the boundless box
Third, the main map of the main map of Lazada products
Normative main map
• Text cannot be too large, covering the product main body
• The main map is simple, the product is clear
• Brand recognition elements
Fourth, Lazada Products, Piece Tips 1. Triangular configuration 3. Differential patterning 3. Diagonal composition 4. Flavor Screening 6. Frame pattern
● Average allocation composition ● Asymmetric composition 5. When the selection of the material is not changed, maintaining the definition of the printed photo is insufficient, and the appropriate • 1-8 pictures should be adjusted, and the 360 ​​° non-dead angle display is available.
• At least three to four high quality pictures, front view as the first main map
• Other pictures are reasonably placed in six, highlight key information Lazada product main map Frequent incorrect error:
• Picture blur
• Lack of texture
• The focus does not highlight the source Lazada, which is mainly based on platform update.
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