From this year’s e-commerce festival, major e-commerce promotion promotion, it is not difficult to see that my country’s e-commerce platform has entered a highly internal volume. As Alibaba giants entered the sinking market, the last “big cake” in China was also exhausted.
This means that it will become increasingly difficult to continue to excavate the stock market of domestic e-commerce. The back of competition will be laid around the stock market, and the intense intensity will be far more. In this case, China’s seller wants to jump out of China and look for overseas emerging e-commerce platforms. From the market size, Europe and America is still the largest e-commerce market. However, these areas currently have subtle relationships with my country. In addition, the giants such as Amazon have already taken great share in these markets, and they have built a high barrier, so they want to enter these markets, and it is difficult to know.
Based on these, many China’s foreign trade factories finally concentrated on the emerging Blue Sea market, which is the Southeast Asian e-commerce market and the Middle East e-commerce market.
Since new crown epidemic affects Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam offline retail industry, so these areas are transferred to the line, and the online retail industry is good.
And the area has become the fastest global online retail market, especially food grocery, experienced the most rapid growth in history. (Source: Forecast screenshot)
Food groceries rapid growth means that there is a lot of demand, which means that food is very chance to go out of the Southeast Asian market. But for food, there are many barriers, such as market demand, logistics, export qualification application, shelf life, eating habits, etc.
Is the first question is the market demand, stable? According to data, the Southeast Asian e-commerce market is increasing to food for food. In addition, there are many Chinese in Southeast Asia, and the eating habits are similar, and they can accept China’s food. Therefore, Chinese food sellers export to Southeast Asia can enjoy great dividends. Plus the formal implementation of this year’s RECP policy, there are many policies. The most worth mentioning is that there are nearly 88% of the RECP protocol countries, and the profits have been continuously trend. Is this money not to earn? Moreover, Southeast Asia is more complicated. The export of food is strictly required for logistics. It is best to include headners, tail procedures, distributions, which can greatly shorten the freight cycle of food, extended to buyers. Store time, excited buyers’ purchase desires.
Therefore, overseas warehouse is definitely preferred, but it is necessary to find high quality overseas warehouses to provide quality services. Then I will come back to export qualification application issues. In fact, many foreign trade plants do cross-border exports, and will use the e-commerce platform at the beginning, and most of them will use the B2B platform. Because your factory exports to do B-terminal more profitable, plus quality e-commerce platform can help you solve export qualification application issues, you can make your application for your own time.