Nowadays, cross-border e-commerce markets are gradually expanded, Amazon, AliExpress, Lazada to Zhao and Shoope shrimp skin and other mainstream cross-border e-commerce platforms are also rising and developing. Compared to the old Amazon, the AliExpress in the Eastern European market, Lazada, who piloted with Taiwan, is undoubtedly a broader market in Southeast Asia.
Lazada, Shoope in the Southeast Asian market is still in Taiwan, so there is more than 600 million business opportunities, such as the Southeast Asia, Lazada, but the only shortcoming of such a large platform is the lack of ERP support, how Solving this problem, now has an answer. Laizan is a smart multi-store management system that truly knows Lazada. So many ERP systems in the market, Laizan is dedicated to lazada, which greatly reduces operating costs, saving time, and improves operational efficiency.
Its practical feature is fully capable of more practical and accurately, selection, new, customer service, warehousing and other functions. Choose new precision collection price, keywords, links, and multi-platform collection.
At the same time, support multi-store management, a number of stores can also manage, volume entry, batch management is more convenient; also support a variety of small language translation functions, when processing orders and customer dialogue, one-click real-time translation, increase recovery rate conversion The rate, you can also set different languages ​​to automatically reply to multi-store access, reduce the cost of labor in customer service.
Its background management is more convenient, and many stores are managed simultaneously, just like managing a shop. The daily data statistics of the background are updated in real time. Each store sales profit is clear, simple and easy to understand. It is also possible to synchronize orders, one-click batch purchase list, which greatly saves time costs.
In addition, providing Southeast Asia overseas China transfer warehouse distribution service, warehouse workbench, warehouse order list, warehouse emergency processing, bulk quantity, order tracking, isomstead management, warehouse data report. Intelligent warehouse, more convenient.
Laizan system is stable and reliable, with hundreds of R & D technical teams to support, keep the system stable operation, continuously improve product functions and rich product structure, provide comprehensive, integrated, efficient and intelligent e-commerce operation technology and support services, It will also provide the best quality customer service and after-sales technical support. In the broad market of Lazada, the use of Laizanian group software will be more handful, such as fish, Lai Zan is also trusted by the merchants and businesses. It will open the new model of e-commerce operations, which can bring more convenient and higher to operators. A different experience of efficiency. Return to Sohu, see more