Shopee and Lazada are currently two e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia. The market share is not big. Some countries are Shopee first, and some countries are Lazada first. They are all domestic Internet giants Tencent and Ali’s e-commerce investment in Southeast Asia. In recent years, the e-commerce industry in Southeast Asia must have an outbreak development, so as the largest two e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia Lazada and Shopee difference where? Now we have a detailed analysis of the two e-commerce platforms.
Method / Step 1 Guzada Introduction Founded in Singapore in 2011, Singapore is currently the largest B2C platform in Southeast Asia. Lazada is known as the largest online shopping mall in Southeast Asia. Currently, the founder of Ali is Lazada’s new CEO, indicating that Alibaba attaches great importance to Lazada’s attention, and hummingbird lazada mass delivery is platform service providers, batch publication. use.
Sopee is located in Southeast Asia, Singapore, the largest Internet company Garena, and Social Shopping Platform Shopee grows strong in Southeast Asia and T Bay. And behind Shopee is Tencent. Shopee is a later person in the e-commerce industry, but it is replacing the status of the Lazada in many segments, Shopee is called “shrimp skin auction” in Taiwan. In 2017, GMV reached $ 41 billion, downloaded users more than 30 million, and the seller of the Shopee platform used Hummingbird Shopee batch or lots of goods, and quickly uploaded products and orders. Lazada and Shopee’s different points – different modes
Shopee’s business model is relatively tended to C2C. Lazada is B2C. The difference here is that Shopee does not have to build a warehouse to build a repository, and it is only necessary to cooperate with the supplied logistics merchants.
1, consumer shopping experience
Shopee’s shopping experience is currently better than lzazada, and the current experience of Lazada is gradually optimized, and some merchants are praised. Hummingbirds Lazada and Hummingbird Shopee are helping sellers to upload products to Lazada and Shopee.
2, traffic contrast
At present, Lazada’s traffic is far more than other competitors, and the online traffic in the third quarter of 2017 and the fourth quarter, we see that the number of average number of visitors in Lazada increased by 1.38 million. Compared to the previous quarter, this expanded the gap between Lazada and its nearest competitor 11street (an average access volume of 5.9 million) and Shopee (an average access volume increased by 5.3 million).