Lazada platform 99 promotes getting closer, in order to welcome this 99 big promotion, what are the preparations of Lazada? Let’s take a look at:
1. Further reduce international freight (or as cross-border freight, the seller is borne) and local freight (buyers bear), buyers and sellers have gone; with the hot 99 promotion, let you enjoy more Affordable shipping, we optimize the rate card! The country of adjusted is: Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam.
The adjustment of this rate card has the following points:
Thailand: For Economy transport, Standard transport, adjust the local freight payment for buyers.
Philippines: Standard transportation in the GMA area, adjusted the local shipping costs paid by the buyer.
Vietnam: The international freight payable by the seller is more than 40%, the first weight is reduced by 50 g of 10 g, and the weight interval within 500g is refined from 10g 10g.
Extraordinary news, Singapore buyers who purchase sea warehouse are now enjoying lower end shipping! The adjustment of this rate card: the Singapore buyer of the sea warehouse is purchased, and the end transportation fee is lowered from SGD1.99 to SGD1.49.2. Yiwu warerooms to the new warehouse to address the increasing number of orders; please pay attention ! ! ! Today (August 15) will be the last day of Yiwu’s old warehouse! ! !
Tomorrow (August 16), the old warehouse address will not receive the goods, for the package, it is necessary to contact the courier company to handle itself, delivery risk is borne by the merchants.
The seller delivered by express or delivery is required, please sure to change the address of the delivery to avoid delivery loss.
In addition, friendship reminder, the address on the form, please modify the new warehouse address in the ERP system.
New warehouse Address: 2nd Floor, Shenghui Yiwu Logistics Park, Shenghai Avenue and Hong Traffic Road, Yiwu International Luang Logistics Center
Contact: Li Zhihui
Contact: 158689358053.lazmall store has further increased, more quality brand discrolication stationed to the platform;
4. Attempt to the FEATUREDBRAND brand flash purchase of the AliExpress platform, Lazmall shop further weighted; 5. Key to promote the DSR seller performance system, further requiring the seller to invest more time and energy in the Lazada platform;
6. Prohibit brushing order behavior. Lazada posted a message to all the sellers at the time of the previous day, pointed out that the brush single behavior was found to be deducted one-time deductance, and the single service provider needs more superb ways, the brush is in the later stage The harder it is.
7. Cooperate with Hangzhou Huiyuan Training Project. Exclussed with the previous AliExpress university.
8. Lazada’s first mile visualization project is online. Previous old first-kilometer query URL will retire, the new first-kilometer visualization system will provide prioritized services for GlobalCollection and Lazmall. This is the most recent update of Lazada, I hope to bring some help to your operation. For more information, please continue to pay attention to our WeChat public account, and set it to special attention.
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