Original title: [Event Review] This accessories new businesses are too fierce! Lazada calls you to get on the bus, don’t hesitate, now ~
Compared to the market economy that Europe and the United States has developed high-speed, it has not fully developed, but the Southeast Asian e-commerce market with sufficient consumption has been committed to the land. Whether it is a platform e-commerce, two types of e-commerce, or the e-commerce model sold in COD and other forms, it can find a figure in Southeast Asia, and the e-commerce market in Southeast Asia is a blue sea. Up to now, the hair accessory category on the Lazada platform increased by 250% year-on-year; fashion accessories increased by 200% year-on-year. Facing the hair accessories, Lazada Key Yiwu promotes hair accessories, the business is going to the sea, and the resources are tilted. On October 12, Lazada handed with a cross-border business school (“Decoration” unstoppable, jewelry new business support plan] Private enclosure is ended successfully. At the meeting, the Lazada investment senior manager, the cross-border person in charge and the accessories industry manager conducted a comprehensive interpretation of the 2021 cross-border e-commerce Southeast Asia market situation, platform development, logistics policy, and settlement policies. First, the Lazada Merchants Senior Manager Eisa is shared by the [Lazada to help Chinese enterprises to grab the Southeast Asian New Sea Blue], she presents the characteristics of the Southeast Asian market with high population, old age structure and high permeability, and provides an unique in the e-commerce market. Development Environment.
In addition, as of February 2021, Lazada’s active consumers were about 130 million, and the order volume continued to grow at 100% + per year. The logistics is a critical part of cross-border business, and EISA interprets the multi-stream solution of the Lazada platform to the merchant. Multi-channel logistics can protect the consistency of brand experience and solve many logistics pain for branders and merchants to help them focus on sales and marketing, expand their business scale. Then, it is the “Decoration” unstoppable project introduced by the Lazada Jewelry Industry Manager Bonnie. In response to this successful access to Lazada’s accessories, the industry manager and the advertising manager will conduct a one-to-one refinement operation guidance for the merchant. In addition, Lazada will also launch a foreign exchange course for entry of the merchant to assist the merchant team to enhance the overall operational strength, and the sword is the monetary list! Business case
At the same time, Lazada invited Yiwu hairjet for this private enjoy, Lazad is now deliberately shared, and the merchant is only used for three months to complete the breakthrough of 0 or 100,000 orders; the average average 3500+; GMV continuous The moon has an index growth; the number of April-August this year has risen by 200 times, and the current store sales month has reached a high performance of 150,000 orders! Round table
In the round table, the cross-border business delegates explained to the problems in the current book, Lazada’s cross-border person in charge, ornament industry operations, etc., in addition, Lazada cross-border The person in charge stressed that in the rapidly changing international market, the response, flexible response, highlights the heavy, and can truly become the “super brand” of the country.
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