Textiles and clothing made in China have risen in Indonesia. President Indonesia delivered a speech in an event, saying that Indonesians should “hate foreign products, love local products”. He believes that the e-commerce platform is accelerating the import of goods to Indonesia and uses heavy discounts in the market. The sword refers to the domestic garment industry. Cross-border sales, the seller in overseas is directly sold directly to Indonesian consumers, has grown sharply and gradually grow into important proportions of local retail. Most of the textiles used in Indonesia for making clothing are imported. It is uncomfortable that costs are more expensive than clothing that can be far from China. China’s manufacturing sweeping Southeast Asia Qin Silong clothing line into the industry for many years, there are many business owners to engage in cross-border e-commerce clothing trade, where we hear a lot of stories. Dongzhang Village, Changjia Town, Qingyun County, Shandong Province, is the northern part of Shandong, more than ten left-behind rural women and him, selling small commodities to Southeast Asia and Taiwan. The factory in the factory here hangs in Southeast Asia, Indonesia administrative map, and a globe on the work desk. Only in this remote small village, because cross-border e-commerce, more than 30 million yuan of profit revenue was manufactured in 2020. Employee’s income ranges from 1,500 yuan to 15,000 yuan, cross-border e-commerce is not only Alibaba, Jingdong, bytes to beat this super Internet giant game, a countryside can also play in this game. Qin Si learned that 2.45 billion votes in the export of 455 billion votes through the customs cross-border e-commerce management platform in 2020, an increase of 63.3% year-on-year. 87% of the crushing Indonesian costume industry in Indonesia is Muslim, Indonesia has nearly 150 million women. Most of them will always wear head towels at some time. Many Muslim women wear hoods every day, so they need a few headscars and will purchase new in regular basis. Demand is obvious, for women wearing hoods, they want to match the headscarf and clothes according to the current trend. Indonesia may have more than 100 million headscarf needs each month. With the price of each $ 2, this is at least $ 200 million of industries, accounting at 6 trillion in Indonesia. However, local clothing industry, such as headscarves, etc., they are not factory production, but from about 7,000 to 10,000 housewives. Just like domestic agricultural planting industries, millions of scattered cultivars, deliver the production headscarf to the wholesaler, and then forward them to the brand. However, a trend is increasingly obvious, and more and more people manufactured in China appear in the local market. On the basis of local popularity, some small elements that cannot be done are also added. Some headscresses have blended a gold line when textile, which makes it look shiny. It is easy to break through the threshold of the local industry, and Indonesian clothing industry is played in seventeen eight. Qin silk “sales treasure micromall mall”
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