Menurut data terbaru, tren e-commerce lintas batas di Asia Tenggara terlihat jelas, dan pendapatan menggunakan According to the latest data, the trend of cross-border e-commerce in Southeast Asia is obvious, and the income of using cross-border e-commerce for product sales revenue is very large.

Originally, young people in Southeast Asia are highly dependent on social media and liked internet celebrities and celebrities. Among the 650 million people in Southeast Asia, people under 30 accounted for 50%, of which the post-00s accounted for the largest.

In Southeast Asia, the network coverage is relatively large, consumers have huge consumption capacity, the government has a lot of policy support for e-commerce, and the number of e-commerce industry participation is very high. There are many young Internet users here, they like to surf the Internet, and online shopping is essential.

So how should southeast Asia’s e-commerce road go? Southeast Asia, which is close to China, is one of the fastest growing regions of e-commerce in the world. With many advantages, Southeast Asia will be the darling of cross-border e-commerce.

As the largest e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, Shopee and Lazada have few rules and are easy to operate. With more support for sellers and relatively small competition, they have a large space for future development. However, it is still up to them to determine whether they know how to operate stores. Shopee and Lazada e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia rely on product selection and operation. In order to make money, they must be proficient in product selection.

Selection! This is a skill that all sellers engaged in e-commerce must master! If you want a good selection, auxiliary tools are indispensable! Especially cross-border e-commerce platforms. Domestic and foreign customs, lifestyles are different.By checking the sales of products on the platform and coordinating with some recent local hot news, you can know which products are more marketable! Product selection is a major evaluation goal for judging whether you can make money on e-commerce. Unfortunately, most sellers don’t know the importance of product selection. T This awareness is very incorrect and may lead to failure. If you don’t know how to choose the product, you can search for Ginee Data Scraper in Google extensions or directly visit to download it, realize real-time analysis of product data on e-commerce platforms!