Hello everyone, I am the e-commerce logistics, pay attention to me, and more cross-border information is pushed to you. After the double 11 boom, the two head e-commerce Shopee and Lazada in Southeast Asia were hot, launched a double 12 promotion festival, the seller’s year-end chances came again! In the double 11 promotion of the just ended, the two major e-commerce giants in Southeast Asia showed bright eyes, Shopee created more than 200 million sales, Lazada created 11 million US dollars in 100 seconds, refreshing records. After the double 11 boom, Shopee and Lazada tangled iron and launched a double 12 promotion festival. According to excellent time, for the fifth anniversary of the founding of Shopee, Shopee will launch a 25-day double 12 promotion, activity time is November 16th to December 12. At the same time, Lazada will hold a double 12 promotion during November 16th to December 14th, and this year’s performance is also expected. In the 12.12 promotion of last year, Lazada’s only transaction has been 3 times in 2018, and the order amount increases by about 400%. Data show that last year’s Lazada Indonesia site creates a new record in less than a day; the Philippine site is a single order amount of $ 50,164; Vietnam Station users use the app for more than 7300 minutes … It is worth noting that the epidemic also changed People’s shopping habits also affect the development of the e-commerce market, and people are more willing to spend time in online shopping. In the third quarter, the transaction volume of the Shopee platform in Indonesia exceeded 310 million, with a daily daily trading volume of over 3.4 million. Indonesia is the most populous and largest country in Southeast Asia, and is also the largest cross-border e-commerce market in the region. Google, Temasek, and Bern, Indonesia’s e-commerce market is expected to grow from $ 21 billion in 2019 to $ 82 billion in 2025. However, if you want to stand in the Indonesian market, you must solve the logistics problem. A large number of geographical environments in Indonesian islands, as well as unusually developed transportation, so that their logistics is more difficult to guarantee. Cross-border sellers need an international express delivery line for China-Indonesian line “tailor-made”. The customs clearance team of Indonesia International Express is based on local, with more than ten years of customs clearance experience; providing ultra-fast delivery, and can be tracked throughout and safely. In addition, Indonesian international express delivery is also very extensive, can send 0.1kg-75kg package to Indonesia, including electricity, WiFi products, such as mobile phone accessories and parts, computer peripherals (laptops, Desktop computers, tablets, e-books), vacuum cleaners, mop robots, smart watches, etc. In terms of price, Indonesia International Express uses partitioned domain charges, Jakarta, Java, and other islands, the price is incremented in turn. I am the E-commerce logistics, pay attention to me, there is Indonesian international express, Israel International Express, Overseas Cang, Turkish International Express, and more cross-border information in time to send you.