Project Summary:
• Jetcommerce has established partnerships with UPFOS to promote e-commerce development in Southeast Asia, providing better quality services for e-commerce users.
• Jetcommerce was established in 2017, belonging to Indonesia’s largest logistics company —- J & T Group, is Alibaba’s e-commerce partners in Southeast Asia, is also the largest e-commerce service company in Southeast Asia, currently in China and Indonesia. Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia provide one-stop solutions and services for more than 120 brands including OPPO, Vivo, Shiseido, Lancome, etc. Enterprises have more than 800 employees, distributed in various industries in various countries in Southeast Asia (3C digital, maternal and baby, fast products, and beautiful makeup skin care).
• Currently docked e-commerce platforms include, but are not limited to, Shopee (Shrimp skin), Lazada, Tokopedia (largest e-commerce platform in Indonesia), JD.ID (Jingdong Indonesia), Bilibili (哩)), Alakulaku, Qoo10, Shopify (Canadian e-commerce giants, 2020 ranked first in Canadian market), etc.
• The business model is based on e-commerce and distribution, covering multiple areas from B2B to B2C. In Indonesia’s local day, the amount is 10,000+, and the peak is up to 30000+.
• Jetcommerce Indonesian warehouse covers an area of ​​more than 4,000 square meters, and the main business coverage has a wide range, and the number of SKUs is over 10,000.
Upfos Features:
Strong e-commerce platform ERP management system, specializes in the Southeast Asian e-commerce sellers:
• Cooperate with the official cooperation with many mainstream e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia. Unify all sales channels, easy and efficiently operated through a UPFOS system, with one-stop management characteristics.
• UPFOS Synchronize data with all connected systems and platforms anytime, anywhere.
• Products can be automatically downloaded from multi-platform to the system, or one-click to upload commodities to a variety of platforms and markets, system commodities and platform commodities intelligent pairs, and can set the price batch for all products, convenient and fast.
• When all orders are downloaded from the different sales channels of the connection to the UPFOS system in real time, you can automatically review, print and deliver all orders according to custom settings, and track all historical processes in detail to ensure that the order flow is accurate.
• The number of sub-accounts is unlimited, and the accurate partition of employee business, the permission allocation is flexible, avoiding the right operation.
• Recipiently handle messages from multi-platform and stores through the UPFOS chat tool, and set alert messages from customers to avoid important information. Help to increase the response rate and customer satisfaction.
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