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Enteruring the second half of 2021, the new crown epidemic is repeated, the line exhibition and cross-border logistics are blocked, exchange rates and upstream raw materials are fluctuated, and the foreign trade industry faces multiple uncertainty. At the moment, cross-border e-commerce platforms represented by Alibaba International Station, Shopee, Lazada, etc., are helping SMEs to digitize the sea in the way of technical empowerment.
On August 31, the reporter learned from Ali that Alibaba International Station will officially open the global purchase festival on September 1. This procurement festival will help domestic SMEs seize a new round of opportunities in cross-border B2B through a comprehensive upgrade of platform order streams, logistics and capital flows.
The reporter learned that the international station created a live broadcast of cross-border B2B last year, and has been accumulated for more than 200,000 games. Jin Wei, a partner of Jiangsu Nantong Jin Ritt Technology Development Co., Ltd., said that in June last year, the company tried to live cross-border B2B live, and the average single viewing person was 10,000, and the full month inquiry increased more than 70%.
At the same time, the platform also launched digital scenes or tools such as 3D exhibition halls, virtual shopping guide, data robots. Through the 3D exhibition hall, the seller can set up virtual shopping guide, with buyers 24-hour view, data robots will help the seller to track product data in real time.
In addition to the international station, Southeast Asian cross-border e-commerce platform Shopee and Lazada are all boost small and medium-sized enterprises to the sea and improve the efficiency of cross-border supply chains. During the double 12 period last year, Lazada’s logistics team conducted a more targeted prepacking and other preparations for the premise of the order type, guided the warehouse for more targeted preparatory packages, and intelligently upgraded the operation procedures and equipment such as sorting packages, making the overall outlet The efficiency is improved nearby.
From the data released by the General Administration of Customs, July, 2021, my country’s foreign trade exports were 11.6 trillion yuan, an increase of 24.5% year-on last year; my country’s foreign trade exports have continued to maintain 14 months. The global economic recovery, driving overseas B-class buyers reaches historical peaks. According to international station data, July, the platform has access to the number of buyers, paying the number of buyers, the online transaction volume increased by more than 60% year-on-year.
“This also reflects that China’s global competitiveness is still strong, and the digital process of traditional foreign trade is accelerating.” Vice President Alibaba Group, General Manager of International Station told reporters.
Wei Jianguo, vice president of China International Economic Exchange Center, Wei Jianguo, Minister of Commerce, believes that the current digital new foreign trade platform is “hematopoys” for SMEs, “is helping SMEs to cope with uncertainty factors in the global market. Personalized demand for high quality development. “