Original title: Which difference between cross-border e-commerce to find Kezhen, Ali International Station, AliExpress and Lazada?
Everyone knows that Alibaba has three platforms, international stations, AliExpress and Lazada for overseas markets, and many friends often ask me, what is the difference between these three platforms? What are the differences, how should I choose? Which is suitable for me? First, the international station, the international station is a B2B platform, you can also understand that this is a platform for wholesalers, a bit like 1688 in our country, there are more small customers above the international station, do What is the benefit of the international station? The advantage is that his order is relatively compared to the C-terminal, it will be more concentrated, and one will be a few hundred dollars, thousands of dollars, but it is more difficult to do with AliExad, Lazada. The annual fee of the international station requires 40,000 yuan, a 29800 adds 10000 advertising fees, and do the B2B platform special test ability to communicate with the English communication, because it is necessary to maintain a certain communication with customers, can clearly know the customer Some customized demands, and a single, inquiry, some issues to solve customers. And the speed of selling, is a platform for B2C, which is a cross-border retail platform. It doesn’t need you have a very proficient in English. As long as you know English, you must also understand the operation, AliExpress is still There are many operational skills and methods, everyone knows Ali’s e-commerce system is like this, doing refined operation, not simple spending, you need to seize foreigners, so that foreigners will place an order, but quick sell There is a feature of the customers, you will not follow you, like it is possible to order, unless you really have some problems, or if your product is in some details, you can’t understand it. I will consult you, and the settlement of AliExpress is also relatively low, do not charge the annual fee, but it is necessary to have a margin of 10,000 yuan, and if you don’t do it, it will refund to you.
Finally, Lazada, Lazada is a cross-border e-commerce B2C retail platform for Southeast Asia under the Ali system. Southeast Asia is much more than Chinese, so people there are more affected by Chinese culture, and our country has also helped some. Southeast Asia, including tourism, etc., so for China’s products, the popularity is still relatively high, and the platform is relatively said, the resident threshold is higher, and I don’t say more, I’m talking about the specific details. Control the number of words, everyone can consult me ​​if you want to consult.
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