Nowadays, many people think that cross-border e-commerce is basically the US platform, but with the affected population and recent epidemic in the Southeast Asian market, Southeast Asia has become a blue sea market of cross-border e-commerce. It is important to know that Southeast Asia has jumped into China’s largest trading partner. At present, in Southeast Asia, Lazada and Shopee are cross-border e-commerce platforms of the first echelon, and the traffic of the two platforms is very large. Today we compare these two platforms, look at Shopee and Lazada. Lazada and Shopee Comparison:
(1) Traffic:
At present, the traffic of the two platforms is similar.
Lazada’s site traffic in Southeast Asia is bigger than Shopee
Shopee An extra large flow point is Taiwan
(2) Platform positioning:
The Lazada platform is walking with high-end routes, and it is more important to value the uniqueness of the brand.
The Shopee platform is walking the people’s route, which is more advantageous at the price.
(3) Platform store quantity:
The number of Lazada stores is currently more than 20,000, and the product is basically living products.
The number of Shopee stores is currently more than 100,000 houses, and the products are basically a living product.
(4) Platform lending cycle:
Making cross-border e-commerce is most concerned about whether this return period is concerned. At this point, both platforms are almost about 10 days, and they are still suitable.
Everyone can position according to their own product, choose the right platform to operate the store. But when you operate the store, you will encounter your account associated, then how do we solve the problem associated with your account? Rally cat fingerprint browser + third-party static IP
Tool use address:
These 1000 local configuration environments should be correspondingly to 1000 different IP environments. In other words, if 1000 local configuration environments, the corresponding is the same IP, then the e-commerce platform AWS will detect this 1000 local configuration environments to generate “association” and is included in the blacklist. The Rally Cat Fingerprint browser is a multi-task browser that uses analog browser hardware profiles that replaces several computers. Implement browser fingerprint protection features, each browser file cookies, local storage, and other cache files will be completely isolated. The browser profile is completely independent and cannot be visited with each other. Multiple unique fingerprint browsers, each fingerprint browser is isolated from each other. It is understood that each browser profile is a different computer, and the combination of switching different IP is different from different regions. The pull cat fingerprint browser is based on Chromium, except for the setup agent-I, can also modify the foundation fingerprint information UA, time zone, language, geo, resolution, font, and the like. This article reprinted from the main network blog: