Southeast Asia Thai sites are one of the hot sites. Many merchants have also asked Lazada Thailand’s local stores and cross-border stores. In fact, I believe that everyone will know a little. Today, I will summarize it today: one .lazada & shopee The first is the information you need:
1.lazada Thai local shop: Thailand license / 18 years old Thai resident ID card / Chinese passport; Thai mobile phone number; registration legal person information; email address
2.lazada cross-border shop: company license; corporate Alipay; enterprise sent Anying account (personal does not support registration)
3.Shopee Cross-border Store: The first stop does not support the station in Thailand, the first stop can only choose Taiwan or Malaysia or the Philippines
4.Shopee Thai local shop: Thailand license / 18-year-old Thai resident ID card / Chinese passport (indicate: only Thai site can pass photos, other sites can not be available); Thai mobile phone number; Thai bank card; registration legal person information data; Email two. Guazada & Shopee platform charge difference:
1.lazada Thai local shop: local ordinary store does not participate, if it is a Lazmall shop is 4 + 2 a total of 6% commission point
2.lazada cross-border store: Ordinary store with the Lazmall shop, all are 6%
3.Shopee Thai local shop: as shown below
Three .lazada & shopee logistics
1.lazada & shopee Thai local shop: Thai local delivery, you can choose two platform official logistics or official authentication logistics
2.Lazada Cross-border Shop: (1) Overseas Cang: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, can only apply only Malaysian sites to apply directly, other sites require qualification (2) Domestic delivery can only take LGS logistics channels Merchants need to be sent to China, China, Yusu, Shenzhen, Hong Kong
3. SHOPEE cross-border shop: (1) Overseas warehouse: Malay, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan has setup (2) Domestic shipping can only go to SLS: business is needed to be sent to China: Shenzhen, Shanghai, Yiwu, Quanzhou
Specific lazada with Shopee domestic delivery with local logistics costs contact the author to get! Four .lazada & Shopee Laying Period
1.lazada lending time is every Friday, the specific lending cycle is based on local merchants with cross-border business logistics time.
2. Allazada lending time is in the end of the month, the specific lending cycle is based on local business and cross-border business logistics time.
Five: Finally, I recommend a Lazada & Shopee hot sale class:
Women’s shoes
2. Automobile and motorcycle
3. Kitchen and tableware
4. Men’s shoes
5. Watch, sunglasses, jewels
6. Electronic accessories
So, whether it is Thai local business or cross-border businesses, you can go closer according to your own source of goods!