In fact, this problem is a lot of friends who do Lazada;
Opened the store, I also uploaded the goods, but it is no longer going out;
This is caused by this situation today.
First of all, you have to understand the logic of the online store, how to order it;
The goods on the store are first to be seen by the buyer. After seeing, he will need to open your product details, then click to buy; how many people are you seeing, this is the exposure of your goods; many people see After your goods, how many people click in to see your product details, this is a click rate; many people click on your product, how many people choose payment order, this is the conversion rate; so we don’t leave, need Start with these places to find a problem;
Let’s talk about a problem with most novice troubles, no traffic, that is, there is no exposure;
After the new store is on the new product, the platform will help your new shelves to do natural recommendations according to the label; the traffic recommended by the start is not a lot, but if the traffic of the first wave of push has data feedback, such as a good click or even It has been transformed; then the platform will continue to push the second wave of traffic to this product; so we must use this support mechanism for the platform; how do you do this? Many new; current cross-border gameplay, I have to have everyone to analyze it, I have to do it. I suggest that you just entered the pit Lazada’s newcomers, guarantee a certain number of newly new a day; new stores at least 50 optimizations every day s product.
Two tips for the delivery:
1. Try to choose the monthly time in the peak of the flow rate during each site;
2. Small batch time delivery;
For example: Today you have 50 items, then don’t finish all the completion; 5 times, 10 each time, such as 10 in 8 o’clock, 10:00 and 10, in this class;
In this way, the same 50 items can get more traffic exposure; is the product from spelling a lot, 1688 is directly on the shelves? Wafe!
The optimization of goods is critical, and it is necessary before this.
You need to make optimization from the picture to the title from the product.
Picture optimization (improve product clicking rate)
1. Let the buyer get the most information in one second 2. Highlight the product theme accounts for about 80% to use the white bottom figure 3. Use the scene to make the buyer quickly know the use of goods. 4. Display more models Try to make all Variation Show in the main map 5. Highlight the product effect to make buyers quickly know the effect of the product utility 6. Show core selling point display products core selling points, advantage points 7. Commodity interest points to let buyers quickly know offers
Title optimization (improve product exposure)
Basic format of the product title: brand name + product word + enough accurate hot searchword OR selling the word or other modified words + model
1. Brand name is very understanding, is what brand is your product? Which one of the primary category words in the commodity affordable platform 1. What is the three-level category word 3. Hot search, 啥 is hot search? The literally, high-calorie search terms, these words can bring us traffic.
Summary 1. Multi-sufficiency 2. Small batch time period 3. Select site traffic peak during the goods 4. First do product optimization and then put the shelves 5. Reasonable pricing