Amazon sellers have 3 million in the world, with 400 million active buyers in the world, covering six seventty countries. The number of third-party sellers selling products accounts for more than 55% of the total sales volume of Amazon platform. It is said that cross-border e-commerce is a blue sea, then many novice sellers do not traffic?
How to improve the ownership weight? In addition to product operations, domestic platform is brush praise. Want to build a burst is brush brush. The Amazon platform is also the same. In this way, we can improve the ownership weight and quickly build explosions to improve sales. So how do you evaluate? 1. Eval assessment, find foreign friends, international students or foreign assessment team advantages, old account weights are relatively shortcompinated, current market situation live accounts do not choose products, so account quality is good, malicious refund, products are hard to send, comments Timely, use black card to order the store abnormal
2. Machine brush, automatically register through software or script to browse the order of the order, the efficiency is high, the account is very risky, the current success rate is very low, no longer used
3. Self-supporting measurement, through its own foreign server and IP to realize its registration, nourishment, order, pure manual operation, advantages, ● Evaluation time and quantity to control, can measure anytime, anywhere ● Evaluation cost is very low , Register a account for more than ten yuan, can use long-term use ● Don’t worry that it is malicious refund or use black card, order ● A device can be infinite, moderately copy, can open professional evaluation studio
Disadvantages, the evaluation environment is high, there is a certain success rate, the technical threshold is more self-supporting the evaluation? Building abroad environment and home IP, registered foreign mailboxes, addresses, mobile phone numbers, credit cards can be placed in unlimited registration accounts, one device can store thousands of accounts, can measure, easy and convenient, operation, easy to measure
Amazon’s full site, eBay, Wish, Lazada, Shoppe (shrimp skin), Mercari (coal furnace), AliExpress, Ali International, NewegG, etc., only the IP and payment methods of each platform are different
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