At present, many people believe that most of the mainstream cross-border e-commerce platform is based on the US platform, today tells the two e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia – Guzada and Shopee, their performance is very good. So today, let us make a comprehensive analysis of these two platforms.
The first point is that the traffic of the two platforms is almost divided into autumn, the market and the user’s high overlap.
Shopee currently has a Taiwan site, and the total traffic of Lazada in Southeast Asia is large, including the traffic of Shopee, including Taiwan sites.
The brand strategy of these two platforms is also different. Lazada is more preferred to guide the seller to highlight its own brand, emphasize the professionalism, more similar to AliExpress in brand strategy. Shopee’s brand strategy is more like domestic Taobao, walking on the line of the C shop, emphasizing the price advantage of the product, the form of the photo is diverse (there are many watermarks and irregular photos).
Second, Shopee has more sellers and shops than Lazada.
At present, Shoe has 230,000 stores, 140,000 Lazada. This has a big relationship with Lazada’s more than half a year of investment. Second, the timeliness of logistics. Shopee logistics and lazada. It is the official logistics LGS, generally signed around 10 days, requiring logistics tracking number to fill in 48 hours, and shipped to Yiwu or Shenzhen warehouse within 5 days after ordering products. At this point, the platform will be responsible for transportation.
Third point: The main categories of these two platforms are mainly living products.
Because the platform is for the same population, 39% of the categories are daily necessities, 38% is electronic products, and most of them are fashion products. Most users are women’s orientation, so when choosing a product, you must pay attention to which product This may determine your store sales. Quaternary: The loan cycle of these two platforms is relatively short.
For many e-commerce persons, more concerned is a collection of payments, and the two platforms are basically loan for about 10 days, and the two platforms need to use third-party collection tools to pay.
If you are a newbie, it is recommended that you start from Shopee, because it is now the traffic of Shopee, the support of the seller is relatively strong, and the trading commission is not required for the first three months.
So it is also relatively suitable for novice operation operation.
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