As the preferred e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, China Merchants, Lazada was invited to participate in the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government and the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce as a guiding unit as a guiding unit (cross-payment). This inter-office continued from September 24 to 26, focusing on cross-border e-commerce theme, a national-level trade fair in the large-scale exhibition, high-level, and industry factors. In the context of the combination of Internet and economic globalization, major changes in the global trade in the global trade have achieved a new economic form of “digital trade” represented by cross-border e-commerce, and the rapid development of small changes. Under this tone, Lazada has a strong advantage of its own strength, enhancing domestic brands and small and medium-sized businesses to quickly develop fast vehicles, speeding up the sea, seduce Southeast Asian cross-border e-commerce bonus. According to the latest financial report released earlier in Alibaba, the second quarter of this year increased by more than 90% year-on-year and continued to maintain a high-speed growth. In addition, until the end of March this year, Lazada’s annual active consumers have exceeded 100 million, and became an e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia. It is reported that the initial intention of the inter-cross-fair is to solve the difficult point in the development of cross-border e-commerce developments, leading and promoting cross-border e-commerce innovation and development, building a new trade platform for national strategies, promoting foreign trade facilitation and innovation and development. With similar philosophy, Lazada offers a one-stop-style solution for China’s outstanding businesses and brands, driving cross-border businesses to quickly cut into the Southeast Asian Blue Sea market. Lazada continues to improve the merchant help mechanism, providing high-efficiency and parity coverage of warehouse network logistics supply chain services, targeted solutions, close to China’s quality commodities and brands and Southeast Asia. In order to achieve the sea gold, the Lazada China Merchants Team visited all parts of the country, the invited “Yangcheng”, the visitors are endless. With the aid of this event, the Lazada China Merchants Team in various industrial belts and industries, based on targeted answers to exhibits of different types and industries, providing customized settlements and reasonable recommendations. Slide to slide more pictures, the Lazada official team, the exhibition, brings a special forum with the exhibitors, and Lazada industry class managers share and demonstrate the market trends in Southeast Asia, industry selection and excellent Business case. The latest data showing the speaker and the depth of the Southeast Asian market, so that the audience has been praised, and the harvest is full. Lazada’s multivariate logistics program and various preferential policies also attract many watch-warfare to stop inquiring. Slide to see more pictures If you fail to participate in this Lazada exhibition, miss the special forum, don’t worry, the Lazada Business Conference will open on September 29th! In the live room, you can get the most comprehensive Lazada business information and Southeast Asia trend in one time. There is also the iPhone13 and other lottery activities waiting for you! Reviewing the opening of the 2 hours in the previous period is 3 times, Lazada 9.9 global promotion data breaks through the new high